Milk Time Birth & Lactation

About Milk Time Birth & Lactation

Based in Vancouver, WA, Milk Time Birth & Lactation offers prenatal education, parenting, and lactation support.  

We listen to your needs, providing education and support. Giving you tools to help you feel prepared for labor and delivery, feeding, and care of your infant. 


child birth education

Birth is more than just the passage of a baby from womb to world, it is the beginning of a new path in the parents’ lives. In-person birthing and parenting courses taught by an experienced educator will guide you on this journey. 

Lactation Consultation
& Support

Our knowledge and experience enable you to help yourself and your baby. We provide customized assistance for expectant and breastfeeding families.


Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or medical professional, understanding CPR is a critical life-saving skill.

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